Jamestrong Packaging -
Australia & New Zealand

Jamestrong Packaging is a major supplier of steel and aluminium food cans and ends in Australia and NZ.

It is also the leading producer of both steel and aluminium aerosol cans in Australia and NZ.

It supplies steel and aluminium food cans to processors in the following market segments:

  • food (eg soup and meals)
  • dry beverage (eg milk modifiers and coffee)
  • dairy (eg liquid milk and powdered milk)
  • pet food

These cans and ends are manufactured at Kyabram in Victoria, Milperra in New South Wales and at Hastings and Hamilton in NZ.

Steel cans are offered in a range of diameters from 52 to 153mm, while ends can be supplied from 49 up to 153mm in diameter. In addition a wide range of innovative and market-leading convenience ends are available, including full aperture EZO (easy open ends) as well as aluminium Easy PeelĀ® foil ends. All cans and ends can be supplied either plain or fully decorated.

Steel food cans offer high-speed, low-cost filling processes and are the safest, most convenient food packaging available. Steel cans are inherently tamper-proof and steel is one of the most eco-friendly packaging products available, which also has the benefit of being infinitely recyclable.

Jamestrong Packaging manufactures and supplies aerosol cans to the following key market segments:

  • personal and hair care (eg deodorants and hair sprays)
  • household products (eg insecticides and air fresheners)
  • industrial and DIY (eg spray paints and degreasers)
  • food and beverage (eg whipped cream and pan sprays)

Steel aerosol cans are manufactured in Milperra, NSW, and Hastings, NZ. They are available in various standard size combinations in diameters of 52, 57 or 65mm and heights from 98 to 280mm. The cans can have a plain finish or be decorated with up to 12 colours.

Aluminium aerosol cans are manufactured in Taree, NSW, and are available in various standard-size combinations from 35 to 59mm in diameter and 88 to 200mm in height. They can be decorated with up to seven colours and lined with various internal coatings.

For more information visit the Jamestrong website.

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