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Jamestrong Packaging Australia has invested in a half-a-million dollar best-in-class label inspection system at its recently opened positive-pressure infant formula production line in Kyabram, Victoria.

Jamestrong believes this system aligns the plant with global best practices and gives it an advantage in food production safety.

The Pressco Decospector 360 is a vision system that identifies and isolates any defects in packaging integrity and labelling errors.

The technology uses a multi-camera system to inspect the can at production speeds. The collected information is then compared with a template and any discrepancies between the two are logged and tracked.

The recently opened Kyabram plant produces 295 cans of infant formula per minute.

The vision unit is equipped with seven individual cameras to ensure complete vision of each can. Cameras are in place to inspect the top, bottom, ends and sides of the can as well as an internal view for a complete 360-degree image of the packaging.

Jamestrong Packaging plant manager Grant McConkey says the decision to add the vision system to the Kyabram plant has been a step forward not only for Jamestrong, but for the wider infant formula production industry in Australia.

"We did our due diligence in research and we truly believe the Decospector unit sets us up with global best practices," Mr McConkey said.

"The Decospector system was the first of its kind in the United States and we are very proud to be able to be an early Australian adopter of this world-class technology.

"This is the last line of defence against any manufacturing defects and is integral to our promise of food safety, especially for our positive-pressure infant formula production line in Kyabram," he said.

"It's most definitely a great investment for Jamestrong Packaging and I look forward to adding this system to other plants across our network."

The Pressco Decospector 360 allows for easy diagnosis of any defects via an auto-learning wizard that removes the potential for operator error. User-defined target zones enable online monitoring for unacceptable variations in colour and provide operators with real-time feedback.

The proximity of the Decospector unit to the printing module ensures any repeated print defects are quickly rectified, reducing the number of errors produced.

The unit also features an automatic rejection function for any non-conforming items. The system will also alert operators in any case of excessive or repeated defects. Administrative access is secured with biometric fingerprint scanners, ensuring further security and integrity of the vision system.

Jamestrong managing director John Bigley recently lauded the innovation in place at the Kyabram production line.

"Our existing Kyabram can lines meet current customer hygiene requirements; however our new state-of-the-art facility takes our standards to a whole new level, one that is unmatched in Australia and New Zealand," Mr Bigley said.

"It is also in line with the Good Manufacturing Practice of our customers, many of whom fill our cans in positive air-flow environments. It's important for us to match their production process and to help protect their supply chain integrity and brand value.

"Lastly, but not least importantly, the new line is independent of our other lines and provides us with highly reassuring supply contingency," he said.

The Decospector assessment unit joins a long list of hygiene and safety innovations on the production line.

The Kyabram Line 7 positive-pressure production line is dedicated to infant formula can production.

It is a formally zoned and segregated, hygiene-controlled can-making area, and is the only facility of its kind in Australasia.

Other hygiene technologies employed at the Kyabram plant include a food-grade ceiling installation, ISO22000 and HACCP certification and an industry-leading air-rinser.

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